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Workiste Dining Area

Functional facilities aimed at operating as large dining room for mining companies, cooking and food handling.

Quick installation
Custom size

Fast deployment facilities to operate as casinos or dining rooms for industrial use. Customizable size according to the number of guests. It can be transferred according to the mobility of the works. It also represents a cheaper alternative to the traditional construction system.


  • Quick, easy, and safe assembly
  • Areas designed for the diners
  • Length can be extended or decreased
  • Optimizes delivery periods
  • Sale and long-term lease
  • Portable
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Big dining room for mining companies

Industrial dining area

Worksite dining area


Width: 10 to 60 meters. Lateral height (shoulder): 2.5 to 12 meters.

Optional elements

  • Washable interior floor
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Double-door accesses
  • Thermal insulation
  • Corporate sign
  • Modular flooring (replacing concrete slabs)

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