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Heavy Duty Modular Flooring

Quick installation modular floor - heavy duty

390 ton/m2
Easy installation
Minimum maintenance


  • Heavy Duty Modular Flooring, high impact resistance
  • Replaces concrete or cement slabs
  • Supports vertical loads of 390 ton/m²
  • Resistance to acids, solvents, and products derived from petroleum
  • High resistance nylon connection locks for side and corner connections
  • Assembled as a puzzle
  • Ideal as mobile work platforms for maintenance of heavy machinery
  • Allows drainage of water and breathing of natural ground
  • Does not require glue
  • UV protection
  • Can be complemented with anti-spill layer
  • Dimensions 457x457x51 mm (widthxlength xthickness)
  • Weight 14.81 kg/m2
  • 100% recyclable
  • Color black
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Commercial use

Industrial use

Grass protection

Surface protection