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Recreative areas

Integral sports complexes optimized according to customer requirement. Integrated with air conditioning and thermal insulation systems.

Quick installation
1,000 m2 in just two days
100% relocatable


  • Quick, easy and safe assembly
  • Optimizes delivery periods
  • Set spaces
  • Air conditioning, lighting, insulation
  • Length can be extended or decreased
  • Sale and long-term lease
  • Components and elements to offer sports complexes
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Sports hall




Dining area


Dining rooms

Events centers


Width: 10 to 60 meters. Lateral height (shoulder): 2.5 to 12 meters.

Accessories and optional elements

  • Pedestrian doors
  • Industrial gates
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • High-tonnage flooring
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Fire systems
  • Protections for pillars and facades
  • Shelves and racks
  • Acess tunnels
  • Thermal insulation
  • Corporate sign

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