Workiste Dining Area

Functional facilities aimed at operating as large dining room for mining companies, cooking and food handling.

Sports Complexes

Integral gyms optimized according to the client's requirement. Integrated with air conditioning and thermal insulation systems.

Inflatable tents

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Do you need help to carry out your project? We accompany our clients from the initial stages and throughout the life cycle.


We have the necessary work team to meet the expectations of your project.


Rapidly deployed structures capable of being installed in remote areas and in adverse weather conditions.


Did you know that we have 24/7 service? So is. Our response capacity is less than 48 hours throughout Chile.


Carpas Neumáticas

Carpa inflable de rápido despliegue y armado autónomo. Diseñadas para interconectarse e integrar instalaciones multiuso.

Estructuras Modulares de Acero

Estructuras de acero galvanizado con recubrimiento en membranas de PVC de alta resistencia. Pilares inclinados aseguran mayor estabilidad y resistencia.

Aluminum Structures

Modular construction system adaptable to different setups. Quick, easy, and safe set up.

Success stories

Second Sucess Stories

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Comedor de Faena

Funcionales casinos/comedores transportables y personalizados de acuerdo a cantidad de personas.

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Taller Industrial

Talleres y hangares para mantenimiento de maquinaria, vehículos y aeronaves.

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